WLMW 90.7 FM is a non-commercial educational station permitting us to air your message in an uncluttered environment, insuring that your company’s image is strengthened among our loyal listeners. The listener base trends towards conservative family values and includes a high percentage of college-educated individual between the ages of 24-55 years old.

Your business can sponsor New Hampshire Family Radio WLMW 90.7.  It is the generosity and commitment of our business partners that enable us to provide our listeners – YOUR CUSTOMERS – with the positive, uplifting programming of New Hampshire Family Radio.

12 Month
40 Spots/week

Package duration link on www.nhfamilyradio.com

12 month underwriting announcements-2080 total spots

Logo exposure in station literature and promotions

6 Month
20 Spots/week

Package duration link on www.nhfamilyradio.com

3 Month
10 Spots/week

Package duration link on www.nhfamilyradio.com

Non Package Price
Per spot

A minimum of 30 spots .

30 or 60 seconds per spot

If the CUSTOMER requests or requires an outside production of a spot the COMPANY will add a 10% administration fee to the invoiced price for the cost of production.


Churches and other not-for-profit entities may qualify for a discount. The REPRESENTATIVE must get GM approval for any discount, except for volume packages as described above.


On-air sponsor announcements are crafted to suit your marketing and public relationship needs, giving your business the opportunity to bring your message to our audience while complying with all (FCC ) Federal Communication Commission regulations applicable to non-commercial stations.*


  • Announcements will be between 30 and 60 seconds long.
  • Announcements can include, name, location information, duration of business, business telephone number, website address, and an established non-promotional corporate slogan.
  • The FCC mandates that sponsoring/underwriting announcements may not include qualitative, comparative, or promotional language, including calls to action, pricing information and inducements to buy or sell.
  • Announcements can include a “value-neutral” description of products or services, including slogans that identify but not promote. Words and phrases that the FCC has found to be non- “value-neutral”, and therefore unacceptable, at least in the context cited include: Efficient, Economical, Dependable, Dedicate, Prompt, Fair priced, Reliable, Excellent, Leading, Luxury, Quick, Clear, Delightfully, Honest, Number One, Quality, Best.
  • Up to three generic product lines or target markets for the company’s products may be mentioned in the announcements (for instance: “This program is made possible in part by Company A, the makers of the S19-B, for educational and consumer use.”)
  • A standard introduction (This program is made possible in part by – “) will start each announcement.
  • Additional information in the announcement beyond the standard introduction should be limited to no more than 20 words.
  • In general, any language that is gratuitously or blatant promotion, or which could be seen as an advocacy position on a particular issue is not acceptable.
  • Pre-produced announcements and the use of music beds are not permitted.
  • Station Staff announcers will voice all messages.
  • Final copy approval rest solely with the station.

*Section 399B of the Federal Communications Act of 1934, and sections 73504(d) and 73.503(e),FCC 2D 255 (1994).